Our Team

Louis Beaupré

“When caressed, body hair dances on the skin”

Volunteer, ambassador, VP-finance

Profession: Junior geological engineer

Paméla Dumont

Founder and chief organizer

Profession: Actress

Zoé Tremblay

Volunteer, ambassador

Profession : Actress

Ariane Labrèche

Organizer, Photograph

Profession : Photograph, Journalist

Asmina Thirunavukarasu



Alexa Carrénard



Marie-Pier Audet

Volunteer, beauty columnist, animator

Profession : Actress

Orlane Malatray

Volunteer, ambassador


Mélanie Chouinard

Volunteer, ambassador, organiser

Profession: Actress

Geneviève Jacob

Volonteer, Ambassador

Profession : Sexology worker

Équipe Europe

Janie Lafrenière

Volonteer, Ambassador

Profession : Teacher

Martine Hamel

“Long live the Way of Hair, a path paved with freedom!”

Volunteer, adviser

Profession : Specialized educator

Alexandre Ricard

Volunteer, ambassador, animator

Profession: Graduate of dramatic arts at UQAM

Céline Auvade

“Our perception alone makes a monstrosity out of body hair; it is in itself nothing but colourful confetti. Body hair is a party!”

Maipoils ambassador in Amsterdam

Serge Dumont

Volunteer, ambassador, handyman

Profession: Bus Driver

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