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The May-long event

For the entire month of May 2017, we invite both women and men to try and embrace something which we have endlessly tried to eradicate: body hair. This is an invitation to give up temptation: razors, wax, strips, electric epilators, in order to reunite with our natural epidermis and see if we can find any beauty in it. Those who won’t participate with their own bodies either by choice or by constraint (permanent eradication of hair in the past) are most welcome to take part in the discussion. We want to give voice to all that is hidden, intimate, horrible, ostracized, or tender. The month of May was chosen with care, since springtime leads into the hot season when we start to strip down and...a first reflex for many is to shave those areas that have been hibernating from gazes and judgments for so many months. Body hair, no matter how you consider it, has a role in our lives and Maipoils simply wants to allow us to question it and make peace with it, whether by eradication or otherwise. The beauty of this project is that no one pretends to have the right answer; the main goal is to use our thinking heads and loving bodies to help society develop more diversified and therefore more fulfilling frameworks. Whether or not you prefer body hair is not the point. The whole purpose of Maipoils is to glorify difference, which arises from our sheer numbers and from the blowing of minds (nothing less!) (and regardless of what you decide to do with your body afterward). The month of May will be a time of many firsts to do with body hair : dining out on terraces as the weather heats up, showing an ankle, then a little leg, going to the beach or on vacation without waxing and staying proud (yes, it will be tough), getting changed in the locker room with a body that’s not smooth as a baby’s, but rather womanly and noble, making love with new subtleties brought on by the heightened sensitivity of body hair (let’s face it, they’re there for a reason), wearing a dress to go dancing, wearing a fur-flaunting tank top, flirting with more pheromones than usual, defying the hair industries, embracing not only your own body but everyone else’s too.

We have a collective responsibility toward individual freedom.

Click here to read (in french) the Document sur les motivations et inspirations du projetDocument sur les motivations et inspirations du projet*


© Ariane Labrèche

& Alexandre Lepage

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